Latest Jaguar unveils C-X16 concept car

The Jaguar C-X16 concept is a bold statement of Jaguar's future design and technological intent.

The C-X16 takes the traditional front-engined, rear-wheel drive formula that Jaguar defined over the decades and reinvents it for the 21st Century in a performance-oriented hybrid drivetrain with 50:50 weight distribution.
The latest iteration of Jaguar's 'Redefining Performance' ethos, the system is based around a prototype supercharged all-alloy V6 which produces 375HP (280kW) and 332lb-ft of torque from 3.0-liter V6.

The singularity of purpose exhibited by the exterior styling of the C-X16 is reinforced the moment the door is opened, whereupon driver and passenger are greeted by a dramatic red interior trimmed in the finest materials: leather, Suedecloth, anodized machined aluminum, carbon-fiber and dark chrome.

The C-X16 takes inspiration for elements of its layout from aeronautical ergonomics, such as the joystick-style gearlever and banks of toggle switches that also reference classic racing Jaguar cars.

Jaguar unveils C-X16 concept car, Latest Car News

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