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"Delay is the deadliest form of Denial"

They never say an outright NO. It is always a MAYBE, or let us consider in DUE COURSE.
Yet, undeniably they have delayed and deferred our ability to continue business as usual.
They have delayed our payments to you, they have delayed our clearance of the products that are to come to you. They have put a spoke into our working by harassing our staff , distributors and panelists and have indulged in an unjust, unfair and malicious rumor campaign that has seriously dented our public image. They have effectively halted the operations of our company.

Who are they? They are a product of misguided thinking, unbridled envy, and a desire to destroy what they cannot build. They do what they do with a clear understanding that their victory lies in imposing impossible delays, so that the enthusiasm, the dedication and the morale of our team suffers. They are a set of people with deadly intent. They seek nothing less than the destruction and permanent stoppage of our business.

Remember : The hunter is always the bravest when the hunted is at its weakest.
This concerted campaign has resulted in several Government agencies deciding to investigate and probe into the affairs of our Company as an honest arbitrator for settling the issue once and for all.

The delays through which they sought to deny earning opportunity to SpeakAsians
  • We are not in a position to make any payments into India as all payments sent by us to panelists and suppliers have not been credited to them. As a result payments to TVC, our importer for mobile phones used to meet our rewards obligations have been returned many times. Delay and denial.
  • Accounts of distributors are frozen and cannot be used for making any payments. Block and deny.
  • 28500 Television sets ordered by us as rewards and for sale to the panelists are lying at Mumbai port and we cannot make custom duty payment. Delay and denial.
  • We are under constant threat due to frivolous complaints lodged by certain interested parties in some locations. Harassment and Denial
  • Our Company has been brought to a situation where we are not able to move even one inch. Hobble and Denial

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