Wiz Khalifa Is The Chevy Woods

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Chevy Woods is inexplicable hunger, so cookout mixtape, Taylor Gang is next to a good dose of well prepared slopes. Even though the Chevy is flanked Wiz Khalifa on tape, Taylor, General explains that focuses on driving out of the woods, as the next star of the team.

"Now is his time," said Wiz Mixtape newspaper strip black carpet BET Hip-Hop Awards October 11 in Atlanta. "I really do not want to introduce people to him, so I thought, I'm going to rely on, do a little ', but really let it shine."

And it shines. Wiz alias using barbecue stopper, not shown in eight of 11 tracks tape, but it's Chevrolet, which controls the ship. For "Der Untergang", Chev sets the tone for Breezy, horn-laced track. In his first stroke, it is clear that the street race Woods is very different from the Khalifa, who made his bones songs picnic. "I used to break bread as white as mayo / All mine, no one had anything to say it," Chevy spit in his past jostling.

Woods overwhelmed by the response of bands when he was released in late September. "Overwhelming, it was crazy," he said. "Everyone had to show me love, I appreciate it;. That's what I'm looking."

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In the Big Jerm-product "Towels" Pittsburgh MC establishes a melodic hook dedicated to smoking marijuana and driving with the top down. Then "N uncles aunts" things get even more relaxed. Chevy sings off-key hook that fits perfectly with the mood of Beat. "I know I did things wrong, but gotsta love me," he sings, before steps to put the Wiz bars.

This latest tape is very different from his Chevy harder cutting March 2011 release, Red Cup in Music. This time, Chev shows the other side. Gone are the intimidating Bangers like "Straight Ballin 'Anthem' kinetic party and late night" Jimmy Fallon. "Instead, CW atmosphere continuously for smooth tracks like" cassette "and sing Songye" Head Over Hills ".

Sounds ideal for a barbecue. "This is where I try to take you to my yard with my mother on the grill and my friend around," said Chevrolet Strip in July. "I just want to hear where I'm from."
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