Did Shradha Sharma faint to impress Shakti Kapoor in Bigg Boss 5

Did Shradha Sharma faint to impress Shakti Kapoor in Bigg Boss 5,

Shradha faints to impress Shakti Kapoor?Bigg Boss contestant Shradha Sharma overexerts herself to impress Shakti Kapoor. Here's how she fainted

Shradha Sharma, contestant number 5th of Bigg Boss 5 fainted in the Bigg Boss house. The gossips are that Shradha Sharma fainted to impress the Bigg Boss 5 house captain Shakti Kapoor.

It is noticed that Shraddha Sharma has ensured that most of her activities are indicated to impressing the captain Shakti Kapoor in the house. Earlier episode we have also seen during the opening night of Bigg Boss 5, Shradha Sharma applied a heavy makeup. When Shakti Kapoor asked the reason behind this make up, Shradha Sharma replied that she did it for him.

Shradha Sharma wanted to ensure that even if Shakti Kapoor woke up in the middle of the night for a glass of water, he will see her looking beautiful for him. So, it may be Shradha Sharma's faint act to entice Shakti Kapoor. However, weakness was sighted as a reason behind her faint.

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